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The story of Chocolate Moses is a journey from ignorance to awareness, from awareness to education, from education to personal action and, finally, from personal action to our invitation to you. Become a part of the Jewish community acting to end slavery in our world. (READ MORE)

About Modern Slavery

There are 21 million men, women and children enslaved on our planet today. They are held against their will under violent, coercive control. They suffer extreme economic exploitation and receive nothing but meager sustenance for their labor.  (more)


Chocolate Moses recommends four organizations as worthy recipients of your tzedakah. Each organization does crucial work to end modern slavery and human trafficking and to create justice for all.  (more) photo by Shashish

The Chocolate Moses Story

In spring 2008, I was with a friend in my living room in San Francisco. As a part of our preparation for the Passover Seder, we were studying the Haggadah and talking about the Jewish people’s redemption. I was happily, obliviously munching on some chocolate…. (more)